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Have you tried other fitness and diet programs in the past and feel like…


You start off strong witha new routine or diet for a few days or a few weeks, but then quickly return to old habits.


Have you tried other gyms routines only to stop going due to lack of interest?


Are you always hungry when you are on a “diet” and you feel like you will never succeed and reach your goals?


Do your clothes fit, do you feel bloated and ashamed, and just plain uncomforatble in your own skin?


Are you worried about getting injured or re-aggravating previous injuries?


Do you want to get back to enjoying the activities you love to do outside of the gym?


We want to learn more about you and your goals to see how we can help!

Work with a fitness and nutrition expert to create a simple and sustainable plan to reach your goals.


Transform your body & mind with the ongoing support and accountability of your coaches and community.

Are You Ready To Finally Take Control Of Your Health And Nutrition?

We are ready to help.

Transform your body & mind with the ongoing support and accountability of your coaches and community.

CFB community is second to none!  I’m glad I finally pulled the trigger and got my ass into CrossFit. Thanks to all the coaches and members for all the help and guidance along the way!

Dan R

I really enjoy the community environment at CF Bangor. I appreciated that the coach offers encouragement, advice, and motivation. The class setting pushes you to do more, try harder, and offers that sense of camaraderie/community from the other cross-fitters.  Progress motivates me. When I’m able to do more reps than before or lift more weight than before. Those are good feelings and keep me coming back. I really like the community environment that CrossFit promotes.

Stephanie M

Aside from the amazing people and coaches I have met here, CrossFit Bangor and CrossFit in general allows me to continue pushing myself both physically and mentally. Not only have I seen a positive transformation in the gym, I can see how my journey at CrossFit Bangor has helped me outside of the gym. I have become a more confident individual and overall a happier version of myself.  CrossFit Bangor is the place I can go and shut out the rest of the world to focus on bettering myself. It is truly motivating to discover you are capable of doing workouts and movements you never thought you could ever do.

Emma P


    • Maine CDC policies for visitors traveling from out-of-state or Maine residents traveling to other states:

      • Maine has 3 options for visitors to/from other states:

        • 1. Getting a recent (-) COVID test 5-7 days upon return to the state or after contact with a visitor from a non-cleared state

        • 2. Maintaining compliance with 14-day quarantine upon arrival to Maine

        • 3. States exempt: New Hampshire, Vermont

  • If traveling to a NON-CLEARED state upon your return we will ask you quarantine for 14 days, or get a negative covid test 5-7 days following your return

  • If you have visitors from a NON-CLEARED state please have them quarantine 14 days prior to visiting if you wish to have your membership unaffected.

    • If not we ask you not to return to our facility for 10 days

  • If traveling or having visitors from CLEARED states no need to quarantine