Monday May 20

WOD Brief: Last performed 01/29/2017 – High-intensity training today in 3min intervals, GET UNCOMFORTABLE!! If the weight will not allow you to move quickly WITH good form, LOWER the weight! Larger classes will share a rower with another athlete and the 3min work/rest will be alternated between athletes. The score is total calories across all 4 parts   “Dead End”


Saturday May 18

“Wobble” Teams of 3 25m AMRAP 1 Athlete always rowing, 1 work, 1 rests   100 Hang power cleans 95/65 75 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 50 burpees over the bar 40 box jumps Open: As written Performance/Fitness 75/55, regular burpees

Friday May 17

WOD Brief METCON – If you are doing Murph this is a great way to get comfortable with the vest if you are planning on wearing one. This also has a well-known benchmark (Cindy) nestled in with 200m runs for those just trying to gain overall fitness. Murph AMRAP Style 30min w/Partner (1 work, 1 rests. Teammates complete full rounds


Thursday May 16

STRENGTH Building in weight today to find a confident heavy set of 10 for the day. STRENGTH: Deadlift 1 x 10 10min SHARE barbells while building! METCON: If you are confident with most workouts with 21-15-9 at 225/155 then feel free to attack this as written with weight. This is also a great workout to challenge larger sets on the


Wednesday May 15

STRENGTH: Build to a heavy single Squat Clean for the day in 15min. Remember any day that you can hit 80% is a GOOD day! The cleaner the lift today the better you will set yourself up for success and efficiency for the metcon.   METCON: This is much harder than you think. 80% can get very heavy when your


Tuesday May 14

WOD Brief: Today we accomplish the “METCON” first then move into the strength/skill. METCON The 2k Row should be done as fast as possible but also making sure that you are able to get to work on the wall-climbs as well as right back to the intensity of the row. You will have to find that balance which will allow


Monday May 13

STRENGTH 2 power Snatches + 3 Overhead Squat Every 2min  building x 5 sets (10min) STRENGTH: Every 2min for 10min, building in weight or build to desired workout weight and stay the same weight across all sets, athletes choice. METCON: Throwing back to 2011! 10min will go quick! The step-forward method will be your friend today for pacing. Yes, the


Saturday May 11

“Salt Shaker” Teams of 2 Buy in Partner 800m Run/Row -Then- 30-20-10 Toes to Bar Thrusters 95/65 -Then- Cash out Partner 800m Run/Row   Open/Performance – as written Fitness – 600m Run/Row 75/45   Recovery: Give some high fives and go for a walk with a buddy!  

Friday May 10

Strength Deadlift 1 x 10 Building to a heavy set of touch and go deadlifts. Think about that weight that you struggle to do sets of 10 within a workout and use that as guidance.   W.O.D Goal is unbroken however, breaking up the first few rounds in sets of 2 isn’t wrong. Work to your strengths. If CTB fade


Thursday May 9

Strength Strength: Split Squat 5 sets of 6 per leg Increase in weight if able. 10mins to work Building from the previous weeks, gaining strength and confidence with the unilateral squat work. W.O.D Building on our running and adding in a different pressing motion other than standard push-ups. 20 Minute EMOM: Min 1: 200m run Min 2: 16 Ring dips