Power Snatch Work

0:00 – 10 Minute EMOM:

3 Touch and go power snatches (75-80%)

  • Similar to last week, if it went well go a little heavier but do not sacrifice form or speed.


10-18min Rest


Then for time:



Power Snatch

Handstand Push Ups

  •    10min Cap



FITNESS – 75/45, Push Ups


Goal – work on barbell efficiency and technique while at an elevated heart rate. This will transfer over to our traditional CrossFit workout that has power snatches in it.

Choosing the right weight is important (75-80%) and that is challenging but allows you to focus on mechanics. If you have to lower the percentage for fast clean reps DO IT!


**TRIIB will have a 1 x 1 Snatch listed this is FOR REFERENCE ONLY.



3 Rounds (superset style, all with red band)

15 Banded Pull Aparts

15 Face Pulls (band on upright)

15 Single Arm Banded Press Away (band on upright)