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4 Sets of 6 Repetitions
Same weight across all four sets. All repetitions taken from the rack.

Week 4 (and our final week) of a simple yet effective strict press progression, just like last week, we are looking to increase somewhere around 3-5%


1 Round for Time:
35/25 Calorie Assault Bike
27 CTB Pull-Ups
21 Push Jerks
15 Overhead Squats
9 Squat Snatches

**If we are using a rower today in absence of a bike, complete 40/27 Calories.
Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell weight that we are confident we could complete 9 touch and go snatches with, when completely fresh. Looking for a moderate load today to preserve the speed of the workout.


OPEN 115/80 as written

PERFORMANCE – 115/80 Reg. Pull Ups

FITNESS – 95/65 Reg. Pull ups, Power Snatches



ROW/BIKE 3-5min cool down


Melinda Metten“TKO”