Rowling warmup, 3 rounds with burpee penalty

Rowing Skilz Review-this will be targeted stroke rate rowing, work on fast/strong leg drive and controlled return to the catch. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t hit exact ratings but spend each 2-minute block trying to ‘find the rate’. These should be easy to moderate intensity intervals with the damper set around 4-5. This is skill work preparing you for an all-out 500m row. The 500m is a benchmark test and should be a full effort, the damper can be increased, usually 6-7, stroke rate should be high, mid-30s or higher but still focusing on strong legs.


Helpful links for info on stroke rate rowing





“Rate control intervals and 500m time trial”

2min at target 20spm
–2min rest–
2min at target 22spm
–2min rest–
2min at target 24spm
–2min rest–
2min at target 26spm
–2min rest–
2min at target 28spm
–4min rest–
500m row max effort for time.



Bike or light row 2 minutes to loosen legs

3 rounds of 10 PVC good mornings and 5 slow ring rows

Brazier stretch 1 minute each side or 2 minutes saddle stretch.