Option A

Every 5min x 6 Rounds – alternating (3 each)

1k Row

30  Barbell Roll Outs or 50 AbMats

(Partner Up for sharing Rowers)

Example: Rob has 5min to Row 1k while Cherie has 5min to complete either 30 barbell Roll Outs or 50 AbMats.

IMPORTANT: Cap yourself at 4:45  so you are off the rower for your partner!!


Option B  (use this as active recovery if you are competing this weekend or feeling sore)

Every 5min x 6 Rounds – alternating

750m Row – recovery pace

Sled Push AHAP 200ft (each trip down = 50ft)



8-6-4-2 (Not for time, use weight if you can)

Strict Pull Ups


Wall Climbs w/shoulder taps if you can 3-5 each side