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Thursday November 15


Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds-weighted pull-ups or any strict variation

(flat-footed, band assisted, ring rows, bar rows, etc)

  • Try to pick a set weight and number of reps and maintain consistency across all 6 rounds
  • Score total reps


Rowing ladder

Alternating with a partner if needed, otherwise, solo. Try to maintain a consistent pace through the 4-minute interval and then try to pick up your pace and lower your /500m split over the last three intervals.


Row 1 min, rest 1 min

Row 2 min, rest 2 min

Row 3 min, rest 3 min

Row 4 min, rest 4 min

Row 3 min, rest 3 min

Row 2 min, rest 2 min

Row 1 min, done


Record meters and score total meters for the 16 minutes of work.


If done as partners the second partner will get extra rest for the first 3 rounds and less rest for the last 4 rounds due to sharing of the erg.


Melinda MettenThursday November 15