I did CrossFit at CFB from November to Mid-March and I can tell you, unequivocally that I am a healthier human being because of it. Also, my mountain biking (sport of choice) is at a whole new level. It’s like I was previously a passenger, and now I’m the pilot. Will I be a bit slower on the road bike, and on gravel climbs since I didn’t do 10 hrs a week of trainer rides all winter? Yes, but damn I feel alive, and I’m WAY faster in the singletrack. I kind of fell like it’s cheating. Plus my arm warmers fit tightly around my biceps!
Dustin M.

I’d say no matter your skill level or level of fitness, to come in with an attitude that every time you swing the doors to the gym open you become a better version of yourself. Also, I’d recommend to not be intimidated by what you see other people doing, the coaches are great and always have so many options to scale the workout to individual needs.

Justin C

I have really enjoyed becoming part of this Crossfit community and have had the pleasure of watching so many of the members overcome fears and tackle challenges they never thought they could.

Barbie B

I never would have thought CrossFit would have boosted my confidence, but it did. It showed me a strength in myself I did not know existed. I am so much healthier mentally and physically to take on life.

Amanda M

We have it good here at CFB.  Yes we have amazing equipment, flexible scheduling, programming, etc. but it’s the people.  The empathy, the camaraderie, the energy. It’s very unique and incredibly powerful. Sharing in the blood, sweat and tears is my “why”.

Rob S

I’m literally surprised every single day that I show up to crossfit and realize what my body can do when I put in the heart and the hustle. Come try it and have some fun! I promise the intimidation is only temporary and the family that you gain will last a lifetime!

Sarah P

You won’t find a better group or place than CF Bangor.  The workouts are scaled to your ability and needs. If you listen to the coaches and put in the effort, wherever you are on your fitness journey at the end of a WOD you will be better than when you started.

Derek F

I wish I would have known how awesome the staff is at the gym.  All of the coaches have been incredible.  Michele, Tiffany, Connor, and Mel have been extremely helpful and easy to learn from.  I don’t feel pushed to do anything that I am not comfortable with, but pushed to do my best.  I wish I would have know how welcoming everyone is and how beneficial this experience was going to be because I would have started sooner.  I am grateful that my friend recommended CrossFit Bangor.

Christina D

I started coming to CF Bangor 3 days a week thinking to myself that would be plenty. Then things got easier and actually fun! I started to get what I call my crossfix. I tell everyone it’s like a high, a buzz. Now I try for 6 days a week when work schedule alows and no family plans on Saturday morning.  Also the friendships and comradely I found at CF Bangor keeps me coming back as often as I can!

Chris J