Karen Landry

CF-L2, RN, BSN , Paramedic/FF
Started CrossFit in 2011 the year CFB was born.  Karen was a member for three years before becoming a coach in 2014.  She joined CrossFit to become more physically fit, motivated by her new job as a firefighter paramedic she soon found much more at CFB.  Realizing it was more about investing in herself becoming not only stronger physically and mentally but improving her overall health.
Coaching at CrossFit Bangor has allowed her to help others find the strength and potential in themselves.   Her favorite part about CrossFit Bangor is not only the success people find here in fitness, but the amazing support of the community that it has created.   The friends made here are for life.
Favorite lift would have to be the Snatch. A technical lift that is rewarding to watch others succeed at.  
Love being outdoors.  Will move a barbell outside any chance she gets.   Active recovery days are filled with hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping.  She also loves food and loves to cook!!!
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