James Hildebrand

CF-L1, CF kids, CF weightlifting, MD board certified in Emergency Medicine
James started at CF Bangor in April 2014 after many sedentary years of med school/residency. Prior athletic experience he was high school soccer and collegiate rugby/rowing. Coaching CrossFit since Fall 2016 . In James’ professional life he sees people with all manners of acute and chronic medical problems during his ‘day job’ in the emergency department at St Joseph Hospital, but he also gets tremendous satisfaction and often feel that we are doing more for long term health within the confines of the gym. Crossfit is not just a ‘workout routine’ but when fully embraced can be a lifestyle and treatment for the tidal wave of chronic disease that we face as a nation.
CF Bangor is a community that continues to provide close friends, support, and an amazing outlet for work stress.
James’ favorite movement is rowing and favorite wod is Grace!
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