In Teams of 3, 30:00 Cap:
250 Power Clean and Jerks
Every 7:00 (to include the start), complete:
45/30 Calorie Row
30 Toes to Bar

Weight climbs every 50 repetitions.
Weight #1 – 95/65
Weight #2 – 115/80
Weight #3 – 135/95
Weight #4 – 155/105
Weight #5 – 185/135

If we reach the 30:00 time cap, add :01 for each repetition not completed.

This workout starts with the team on the rower, completing the buy-in of calories on the rower and toes to bar. Much like the clean and jerk total, these repetitions can be broken however the teammates see fit, with one working and two resting.

After the calories and toes to bar have been completed, the team moves to the barbell, which is loaded with weight #1. The athlete’s continue to accumulate repetitions on the barbell until the 7:00 is reached on the clock, in which they return to the rower for another round of calories and toes to bar. This process is completed until either the time cap is reached, or the 250 clean and jerks are cleared. Amidst those reps, every 50 clean and jerks, we’ll increase the loading. This naturally will take sound communication amongst the team, where situational awareness in many facets are significantly impactful.

**Let’s modify the weights to the appropriate feel, so that we can maximize today’s stimulus.