“Escape and Evade”

For time with a partner:
50 Thrusters (115, 75)
50 Toes to Bar
1 Mile Run
50 T2B
50 Thrusters (115, 75)
1 Mile Run L3: (95, 65)

  • 30:00 Time Cap

L1 Performance: (75, 55) (Knee Lifts)
L2 Fitness: (65, 45) (Abmat Sit-ups)

It’s up to you and your teammate today to come up with a strategy that works best.
Both thrusters and T2B should be able to be completed in at least 5 reps per set

– there is a total of 50 reps of each movement per person if split evenly. In terms of breaking the running intervals, that’s entirely your call today.