1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor:

August of 2016 right after the new gym opened

  1. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:

My proudest accomplishment is a toss up between finally snatching 95# after a long overdue hip surgery which was a defining moment for me emotionally in regards to the struggles that living with that posed all of my life and the elusive bar muscle up.

  1. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:

Favorite lift depends on the day. Love learning them all. Well maybe not the overhead squat!:))

  1. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:

Definitely favorite workout is Fran! LOVE pull-ups and thrusters ! Shh don’t tell anyone I might get attacked!

  1. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:

Biggest surprise is how much the community has improved my life. Working out with a team of friends everyday. It doesn’t get any better than that. Except when Ben joins me and then maybe!:)

  1. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:

Advice… don’t wait a year like I did because you think you need to be more fit or can’t do those lifts, moves, etc. It has been three years for me and I still can’t do all the things, but there is always something I can do and there will always be something you can do too!

  1. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors:

Some non CrossFit interests include biking, hiking , hanging with the family. I am also addicted to YouTube! Mostly CrossFit videos! I can’t help it!:)

This community is great! I can’t imagine my life without it!