Nutrition Testimonials

Thank YOU Coach Karen for putting up with me, encouraging and teaching me ways to improve my overall health. I love how you broke things down into reasonable and attainable goals. Even though I wasn’t compliant 100% of the time I knew what to do and how to get back on track. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and LOVE having you as a nutrition coach as well as a strength coach.
Deb S.

The CrossFit Bangor nutrition challenge gave me perspective on what it takes to fuel my body.  I learned to make some simple changes by using the plate method, focusing on sleep, and adequate hydration to give my body what it needs to be healthy.  As a result, I’ve seen gains in my performance during my workouts at the gym which has motivated me to meet my goals.  

Hulks and Ninjas here I come!


I learned that writing down EVERY MORSEL that went into my mouth made me accountable to myself, i.e., less likely to put something inadvisable in there (such as Doritos-my not-so-secret passion). Also, I was aware that my nutrition coach was going to look my notebook over at month’s end. 

I remembered something I had almost forgotten – that consistent exercise works wonders for self-esteem, mood regulation, and fitness. And I learned that fitness is a composite of many different factors-some fat loss, some muscle gain, some nutrition and hydration awareness, some cardiovascular conditioning, and mental and physical strength.

I have seen and heard from others that Crossfit has changed their lives. I am seeing just such a transformation on my own, and this Nutritional Challenge was a wonderful icing on the Crossfit Bangor Cake! 

Thank you to Michele and Karen for being mentors and coaches for all of us!


These few weeks have taught me how to approach food differently. I’ve learned to fuel myself for the activities I enjoy rather than just fulfilling a passing craving. For the business, this was a rewarding experience that was both a fun bonding challenge and a way to promote better health for our team!

One thing I’m proud of – learning to say no to foods that might taste good for a second, but I don’t really want or need. One example – lunch today while skiing, I had a healthy lunch packed but was offered stuffed shells multiple times. In the past I would have had some. Same with the snack of French fries later in the day. It was a habit to eat those things, not hunger or health. Recognizing that has been awesome!

Rachael E.

“I found the nutrition challenge to be an interesting, and even fun experience.  Michele was very approachable for questions, and bent over backwards to provide information that was specifically tailored to my particular situation and needs. It isn’t a fad diet program, nor is it a crash diet.  It is an experience designed to teach healthy nutrition, and how to eat to maximize health and well being, without a focus on simply cutting calories or fat – or losing water weight. In many instances, I was eating MORE food than I would have on an average day, and yet, I did lose weight during the challenge.  This program is a great introduction to nutritious eating without the stress and strain of worrying about counting calories and just losing weight. I would be willing to do it again!”

Sandra M.

Corporate Challenge Participant

The nutritional challenge motivated me to get my eating habits back on track by providing me accountability and support. The plan provides both individual and group support which inspired me to keep going. I am looking forward to continuing this journey to obtain my long term personal goals and to be a role model for my family.


I’ve been working with Michele and the Healthy Steps Nutrition program since June. Prior to that, I have been someone who struggled with her weight since I was introduced to solid food. I have been on every diet and fad program out there, some with more success than others but inevitably, I would at some point get defeated and regain anything I had lost. 
This program, the science behind it, and the common sense approach, have made such a difference for me. I am eating real, wholesome foods daily. I am not excluding anything, nothing is off limits so there are no cravings or daydreaming about the sugar or carbs I wish I was eating. I just have to be mindful and plan to fit in the things I will be choosing to eat/drink. When I’ve stuck to doing this, I haven’t experienced side effects of indulgence that I used to have (bloat, retention, further cravings) so I am motivated in a way I haven’t been before to keep doing what is so clearly working. 
I don’t feel defeated or that I’ve messed up so I might as well give up. I feel in control of myself, my health and empowered in ways I wasn’t anticipating going in to this program. It’s not even about losing the weight for me at this point, it’s about how strong I feel in all areas of my life and how excited I am to see where I can go when I believe consistently in myself.
Amanda P.