Meet Nicole M!!! Our January Member Spotlight!!!

1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor: I started in 2016. My first workout was Open workout 16.1! It was so intimidating because people in the class were actually getting judged for the open, and meanwhile I had a 15lb bar wobbling all over the place trying to lunge with it over my head!

2. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: Bar muscle up, absolutely. Doing my first ring muscle up was amazing because I was so shocked I got up there, but the bar muscle up was something I literally worked for a year to try to get. Trying until my hands were bloody and I was all bruised up by my ribs…but then, after the workout “Karen” it happened. It felt so good to finally get it after seeing people do it and desperately wanting to do one, too.

3. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:  My favorite lift is push press, and I also like strict movements. My favorite workouts are chippers, or the long grinding grunt work workouts. I love Murph, despite the fact it involves running which I hate. I feel like I’m gonna die while I am doing it…so I love it because it both honors a hero and puts me on my hands knees in a puddle of sweat. I like to be basically on the floor in hell after a long workout. It’s my favorite feeling, so clearly I am a little bizarre.

4. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year: At some point, I would like to learn to use my legs in Olympic lifts, since I try to muscle everything. I also would like to stop overthinking everything I do. I play head games with myself! Ugh!

5. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:  I cannot believe the friendships I have made here. My closest friends are the people I have met at CFB. And the other piece that is so surprising to me is the comfort zone you fall into with these people.  The shyness goes away, you are giving sweaty hugs and high fives, and we can all sit there and talk about our goals and laugh at each other (in a good way).

6. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: Remember that not everyone has the same goals. You may not have any interest in setting personal records on your lifts, or getting a certain gymnastic move, or being the first on a leaderboard…and that’s ok! One person may be there just to get a good sweat, and the next is training for a Spartan race or Ironman,  and the next wants to do local competitions…all kind of goals, all important, all personal to you!

7. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors: Any Maine State Park Campgrounds. They’re secluded, no frills. Nothing is more beautiful than stars in a sky with no city lights to spoil it, and if you’re hearing loons while you fall asleep…then its absolutely perfect. I’ve stood there with my husband looking over the water at night thinking, how does anyone not cherish something so unspoiled and naturally amazing.

8. Non CrossFit interest(s): I love camping with my family. That is my favorite pastime. I absolutely love dogs. And while I love camping and natural beauty,  I also find it absolutely amazing to go to New York City. It’s a culture shock, and it’s still surreal to me every time I go. I could people watch all day. I highly recommend any Mainer experience it. You’ll hate to love it:)

9. Additional thoughts you’d like to share! I want to tell my coaches how much I appreciate them, of course. I am literally a different person, a better person, since I started this journey at CFB. I have known Mel for longer than most people realize, and she’s always been one of biggest role models. So, it was amazing to catch up with her on a more personal level doing what we love! We remember the good ole days, YMCA style, right Mel!? Its just incredible how you build this family, this crew…we laugh together, we cry together, we watch each other get married, we go out together, we share in each other’s accomplishments and failures, and we believe in each other when it’s hard to believe in yourself. If I am having an off day, I may find my coach picking up on that, giving me a hug, and just saying “whatever you need, I’m here”. They have a sixth sense, and they GENUINELY care about you in and outside of CFB. So do the members…they just know you, and I love that!