Today we are remembering Maine State Police Detective Ben Campbell.
Thank you for your service.


AMRAP 31 Minutes
5 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups
11 Bench Press 185/115
12 Box step over (24/20″) (70/50#)
82 Double Unders

AMRAP 31 Minutes
5 burpee pull ups or ring rows
11 bench press 135/80
12 box step overs 50/35 dbs
82 single unders

This 31 minute amrap is not a sprint, it designed to test your fitness and skill to challenge and support your class.
Please choose movements that you can complete in your best ROM under fatigue.

The Burpee bar muscle-up consists of a burpee followed by your high skill gymnastics kipping muscle up, modifications to this can be:
burpee kipping pull up
burpee jumping pull up
burpee ring row

Ben Campbell was 31 years old. Just days shy of his 32nd bday.
Ben lived his life to the fullest… Which is something almost unattainable but he managed to do itHis two call numbers with the sp were 511 and 1282.
Ben also loved to lift. Hence the bench press and heavy dB step overs