Bruce Hanson

1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor: The day before COVID shut the gym down.

2. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: Every time I am able to do something I wasn’t able to do when I first started.

3. Favorite lift, metcon, or both: Push jerks.

4. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year: All gymnastic movements but pullups and burpees the most.

5. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor: How much I love being here.

6. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: It is worth it!!!

7. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors: Get off the beaten path, Maine’s beauty is everywhere.

8. Non CrossFit interest(s): My grandchildren and dogs (all dogs).

9. Additional thoughts you’d like to share! I love Bangor CrossFit!