Howdy y’all,

First off, shout out to the consistent 5am peeps! Due to starting a new job this week, I couldn’t come to my normal 6am class and instead went to the 5am classes to fit a WOD in before work. This has brought me to the conclusion that 5am-ers are a whole different species than 6am-ers because I gotta tell you, that extra hour of sleep for me feels important. O.o

Aside from that, we have been busy doing a variety of different exercises this week: from front squats, burpees, and running on Monday to max efforts power snatches and bike calories on Wednesday to heavy deadlifts and handstand push-ups on Friday. CrossFit programming strives to be this constantly varied. This is done by switching up the loads used, movements programmed, amount of reps overall, and time given to complete. Each day, one doesn’t know what will be asked of them to do in daily life situations so the variation prepares for the unknowns.

As mentioned, this variation targets movement patterns. It wouldn’t be as beneficial to do an AMRAP of thrusters and wall balls because they are both targeting the same movement pattern of a squat to a press. Therefore, it would be better to do something like an AMRAP of thrusters and rowing because then you get a squat and press coupled with a pull. However, at the same time, a workout can contain the same movement if they have different targets. A long distance row followed by heavy snatches has two movements both involving pulling but the row is about endurance and speed whereas the heavy snatch is about strength and balance.

In addition, having a mixture of aerobic WODs and anaerobic WODs is important…even though there was definitely audible groaning on Thursday with that 1 mile run… Aerobic means the body uses oxygen and stored glucose at a controlled pace and breathing and heart rate increases over a long period of time. This form of exercise allows muscles to contract repetitive with fatigue being slower. This would include long distance rowing or running. Whereas, anaerobic means the body doesn’t have enough oxygen to contract muscles efficiently so uses other internal processes. Anaerobic exercise produced waste products like lactic acid and thus muscle fatigue quicker. Anaerobic exercises are usually short bursts of high intensity. 

The variance within CrossFit is what keeps things interesting. If you are one of the strong-willed people who don’t peek at the workout before going to class, you never know what you’ll have. If you are like me, you look at the workout and try not to psych yourself out and push yourself not to play hookie when the WOD includes least favorite movements (I’m looking at you double unders). Cherry picking WODs undermines the goal of variance. 

I’ll be going to the 5am classes again this week so may or may not see y’all around. Already looking forward to the workouts this week and the blog post for next week. 

Until next time,


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