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For Time:
1 Mile Run (Murph Mile)
2,000 Meter Row
1 Mile Run (Murph Mile)

 Open/Performance = as written

Fitness = 800m Run, 1k Row, 800m Run


RAIN DELAY = Team of 2

2mile Bike

4k Row

2mile Bike

Open/Performance = as written

Fitness = 1mile Bike, 2k Row, 1mile Bike


Let’s get outside and run if the body is capable. And with that, let’s push the run times today. This is a workout where we want to pace the row, and make ground on the running.

When looking at this workout initially, it looks to be ~66% running and ~33% rowing. However, we want to take into account that moving 10 seconds faster on the row is significantly more energy draining than moving 10 seconds faster on the run.

On the first run, we can strive to run this at what we would believe to be our 2 mile time trial pace, if we were to attempt that. It’s an aggressive pace, but we aren’t entirely spent at the 1 mile mark. As move through this mile, remind ourselves that we are going to recover on the rower. Seconds disappear on these runs, so we want to move with a purpose.

Take the transition into and out of the rower aggressively. Being fast and diligent can shave upwards towards 10 seconds off your time. Get the rower fan moving quickly, and following, immediately settle into a very manageable pace. To the tune of 10 seconds slower than your 2K pace. For a recommendation, use the calculator below if you know your 2K Time.


Suggested Row Split – 2K Pace + 10 Seconds

This will allow us to row at an aggressive pace, but will save us for the final run. This is where 10-20 seconds disappears easier than we think. Allow yourself 200 meters to loosen up the legs – it will feel different moving off the rower and transitioning directly into the run. But your legs will come back after about 200 meters. At every 400 meters, or 1/4th of a mile, strive to move one step faster, building in speed to the finish line.


For Time:
100 AbMat Sit-Ups
**Feet are not to be anchored.

Melinda Metten“Jerry”