Howdy everyone, Courtney here

As you might have already seen I will be working with Tiffany as a CrossFit Bangor intern this Summer. In order for y’all to see all the new things I’m learning and overall what mischievous I get myself into, I will be posting a weekly blog post here for your viewing pleasure.

If you are an early riser like myself, we have most likely grinded through a rough MetCon at 6 in the morning together. However, if you coming later in the day, I look forward to meeting you. If I don’t say hello first, please come up and introduce yourself.

These first two weeks have been spent seeing how much goes on in the background that allows CrossFit Bangor to function smoothly as well as observing classes. Having the opportunity to see a class through the point of view of a coach and not as an athlete has been eye-opening. First off, an hour goes seemingly faster than 60 minutes when trying to fit everything into one class period. The clock doesn’t care if the warm-up takes longer than planned or transitions between workouts aren’t smooth. After assisting in teaching my first class on Thursday, I also found out everything planned goes much more fluidly on paper than when actually trying to instructing a class.

Over the next few months I look forward to meeting and working with everyone as well as fine tuning my coaching abilities! My coaching feels choppy and a bit awkward so as I am going through the learning process, I welcome any and all feedback.

13% Coach Installed, Please Wait