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  • Build to an efficient, confident double Snatch for the day!

Buy In: 1000 Meter Row or 50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
5 Rounds:
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
9 Squat Snatch (95/65)
6 Strict Handstand Push-ups
Cash Out: 1000 Meter Row or 50/35 Calorie Assault Bike


OPEN – As written above.


PERFORMANCE – As written with regular pull ups + 6 Dumbbell Strict Press (35/25)


FITNESS – As written with 9 Power Snatch (75/55) + 6 Dumbbell Strict Press (35/25)



Accumulate 2:00 in an L-Sit

Using paralletes, or even dumbbells, break up the total 2:00 as you see fit. The full L-Sit has knees extended, toes pointing forward, with modifications starting by bending the knees. The more we bend our knees, the closer we bring our weight back to our center, and the easier the hold becomes. Find a difficulty level that allows for about 30 seconds unbroken, on our first attempt.

After each break, choose one of the following before returning:
A) 5 Strict Toes to Bar
B) 10 AbMat Sit-Ups


Melinda Metten“Heather”