WOD Brief

SKILL:  Seated Box Jumps

  • The goal today is to build explosive strength on the seated box jump as well for some build confidence with low rep higher box jumps. This is the perfect opportunity to try a higher box than normal.

(Bar Muscle Ups) (Chest to Bar) (Pull Ups)

  • For those that have bar-muscle ups, this is a great opportunity to try to start linking them together, even if that means some failures through this EMOM. Other should take this opportunity to work chest to bar skills or strict pull-ups to gain strength.
  • Still waiting on that elusive pull-up? Continue to build strength with barbell or dumbbell rows!!


METCON: Combining cardio, gymnastics and explosive strength in this short triplet today. Scale the run as needed to stay fast.


Seated BJ + BMU

EMOM x 10min

  1. 5 Seated Box Jumps (any height)
  2. 2 Bar Muscle Ups


Open – as written

Performance – 3 Chest to Bar

Fitness – Regular Box Jumps + 2-3 Strict Pull Ups

Scaled – Step Ups + Barbell or Dumbbell Rows



3 rounds

Row 400m

15 Toes to bar

15 Box Jumps 20/24

  • 15min time cap

Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 10 Toes to Bar + 10 Box Jumps


Post Work/Recovery

2-3 Rounds NOT FOR TIME

Sled Push Down (50ft) + Backwards Sled Pull (50 ft as heavy as possible)

1min Plank Hold (forearms)