Wednesday June 5

Wednesday June 5

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: 10min to build to a fast set of 3 for the day, mostly focusing on what will be a good weight for the workout. No singles!

METCON: Last accomplished Jan 5, 2018, the goal should be 3-4 rounds.




Build to a Heavy Set of 3



“Smooth Criminal”


60 Double Unders

30 Wallballs (20/14)

15 Deadlifts (245/165)



FITNESS – 165/115


Post Work/Recovery

2-3 Rounds of:

10 Reverse Hyper + 10 Hip Extensions

20 Glute Bridges or 10 Barbell Glute Bridges


Tuesday June 4

Tuesday June 4

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Stamina Squat Cycle – Week 1 of 5

  • Choose a recent 1RM Front Squat, not a 1RM that is from years ago.

METCON: You can treat this as a “finisher” or can push like “Fight Gone Bad,” athletes choice.



12 MIN EMOM: Front/Back Squat

Alternating on the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):

Odd Minutes – 3 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat

Even Minutes – 6 Back Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat



“Timed Tussle”

2 Rounds:

MAX Reps at each station

1:00 Cal Row

: 30-sec rest

1:00 DB/KB Push Press

: 30-sec rest

1:00 Sit-Ups

: 30-sec rest

1:00 DB Front Rack Lunges

: 30-sec rest

  • Post total reps today.
  • Work for the ENTIRE min.


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – push ups + lunges with no weight


Post Work/Recovery

3 Rounds NOT for time:

2min Assault Bike + 1min/side couch stretch


Monday June 3

Monday June 3

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Finessing the hang and full power snatch today building in weight if able.

METCON: Goal is high-intensity today but moving safely and efficiently. If the barbell is too heavy form will deteriorate quickly and you will miss the intended stimulus.



1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch

  • Every 2min x 10min building in weight.
  • No drops between movements.


Jacking Iron

15 – 12 – 9- 6 – 3

Power Snatch 65/95


  • 10min time cap.

Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – Dumbell Snatches


Post Work/Recovery

3-5 Rounds of (one bar)

10 Strict Press + 10 barbell rows + 10 Curls

  • Build in weight as desired.
  • Between sets 15-20 Band Pull Aparts
Saturday June 1

Saturday June 1

“Hand Sanitizer”

Teams of 3

3 Rounds for time

800m run together

30 power snatch

30 box jump overs

30 Front Squats

30 Pull ups

*athletes run 800m together

*remaining work 1 works, 2 rest

Open: 115/80

Performance: 96/65

Fitness/Scaled: 65/45 or KB, Ring Row or Jumping Pull ups


Friday May 31

Friday May 31

WOD Brief

STRENGTH – For some of you that have been with us since 2017 this may look familiar, so yeah, you know what’s coming in the near future.

  • Start at a manageable load – what we think we could lift for ~20 repetitions.
  • Complete our 10 repetitions, and add on a small amount of weight to prepare for our set of 8 repetitions. None of these repetitions should be max effort lifts. We are looking for the heavy stimulus today, but there should be no chance of a missed lift. Record your final 2 reps to TRIIB.
  • ONE ATTEMPT at each set, no exceptions.

METCON – Similar to our dear friend “Jackie” however we have left out the pull-ups and utilized the wallball for thrusters, oh and added in a few burpees for those of you that love to put the BALL down when you really don’t have to. You’re welcome. <3


Every 3min for 15min:

10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2



1000k Row

50 Wallballs

  • Each time you drop the bar 5 burpees.
  • If you do your set unbroken you win…nothing!
  • 10min time cap.


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 1k Row, 30 Thrusters at 45/35 or substitute wall balls 14/10



4 Sets of

10 Weighted Glute Bridges (with the chest elevated on a bench)

10 Glute Ham Raises or Banded Good Mornings or RDLs (choose which you are confident with)


**Optional Work Suggested BEFORE class**


EMOTM x 6min

1 Single Squat Snatch (Full)

  • Building in weight



Every 2min x 5 sets

1 Single Squat Snatch (Full)

  • Building in weight or stay at a inconsistent weight to work form/efficiency.
Thursday May 30

Thursday May 30

WOD Brief: Working some skills under a little of cardo capacity to start the class then moving to a quick sprint to finish class!

Skill Sesh:

Toes – Abs – Dubs

EMOM for 10min

  1. 15 Toes to Bar
  2. 30 Double Unders


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 10 Knees to Chest, 20 Double Unders



2 Rounds for time:

100m Run + 100ft Sled Push (3/2 45lb plates + sled)

  • Multiple heats will move quickly
  • 5min time cap


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 2/1 45lb plates + Sled


Recovery: 5min Cool Down on the Assault Bike

Crossover Symmetry – banded pull-aparts/pull-downs


**Optional Work Suggested BEFORE/AFTER class**

Aerobic Capacity Programming



Aerobic Capacity

Run 200m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 400 m

-Rest 1min-

Run 600m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 400m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 200m