1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor:
    I started at CrossFit Bangor in January 2018.2. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:
    I was really proud to complete the marathon row last year, and my first rope climb was really exciting…but I still have to work on getting down safely…

    3. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:
    I’m learning to love deadlifts and back squats because they’re fairly straight forward and you can really see yourself progress and gain strength.

    4. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:
    I really struggle with pushups and pull-ups so definitely those, and all the other ones, too… but

    5. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:
    I’m surprised at how much I love coming to classes and being part of this community.  My personality tends to avoid this type of environment, but at Crossfit, I love it!  I honestly didn’t think I’d stick with it very long, but here I still am!!  Go figure…

    6. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:
    If I can do it, anybody, and I mean anybody can do it.  You will get the help and support you need to learn, grow, and progress every time you show up.  Everybody supports each other regard of skill level, and you will be inspired and challenged every day.

    7. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors:
    Acadia National Park is amazing, and everyone should summit Katahdin at least once.

    8. Non CrossFit interest(s):
    I love hiking, my dogs and cats, traveling to underserved countries for medical missions, and I absolutely love my career in health care.

    9. Additional thoughts you’d like to share!
    I am so grateful and privileged to be a part of this community, and to the coaches for all the patience and support extended in helping me to continue to develop my skills… you all are amazing!


Chili Cook Off Recipe

After the Row-solution (Team Marathon Row) we had a wonderful Chili Cook Off! A huge thank you to the 10 people who made chili for the event! I know everyone appreciated the food, plus it was a lot of fun taste-testing all the different types of chili. Our own Coach Cherie won the Chili Cook off getting half the votes placed! I guess people loved the spiciness of her chili (and her whit)! Below is her “recipe.”

Cherie’s Chili

First off, if you are a diehard, measure everything precisely kind of cook, you might hate this recipe. Please view what I write here more as a “guideline.” I encourage you to be adventurous and swap out different veggies, or meats, with whatever you may have in the fridge or pantry. The joy I find in cooking is with trial and error, thinking outside the box, and using up what I have on hand, rather than running to the store for specific ingredients. Get in the kitchen. Have fun. Enjoy.

P.S. This definitely does not fit in the low fat category

4-5 Tablespoons cooking fat – I used half/half bacon grease and butter
2-3 poblano chiles, chopped
2 bell peppers, chopped – whatever color you have on hand
2 jalapeños, chopped (you can always add more if you like it hotter)
2 medium to large size onions, chopped
1 head garlic, peeled and minced
2 pounds ground beef
1 pound sausage – I used chorizo for extra spice (did I mention I like things hot)
32 ounces canned diced tomatoes
12 oz can tomato paste
2 cups tomato sauce
2-3 cups chicken, beef, ham, veggie, whatever stock/broth

All of the above ingredients can be switched up. Only have 1 pound beef, but two pounds sausage? Fine. No poblano? Add another bell pepper. I do find that the poblano adds a nice flavor though. I had some chopped green tomatoes hanging in the freezer, so I threw them in too. Add beans if you want. Anything goes.

This is what I used, but adjust to your taste.

3 Tablespoon chili powder
2 teaspoon cayenne
2 teaspoon coriander
2 teaspoon cumin
2 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoon onion powder
2 teaspoon paprika
2 teaspoon kosher salt (I started with this amount, then added more, to taste, when it was finished)
2 teaspoon black pepper

In a large stockpot or dutch oven, sauté all the peppers (poblano, bell, jalapeño) and onions in the cooking fat of choice, until softened and slightly caramelized (about 5-10 minutes on medium to medium high heat). Add garlic, sauté for a minute or two. Use a slotted spoon to remove veggies to a bowl. In the same pot, add the beef and sausage. Cook, stirring gently, trying not to break up the beef too much, until all the meat is browned. Slotted spoon…move the meat to the bowl with the veggies. If there is more than a tablespoon or two of fat left in the pot, pour that out. Put the pot back on the stove, add the can of tomato paste. Add all of the spices to the tomato paste. Cook, while stirring occasionally, on low to medium-heat until browned/caramelized, but not burned. Add the stock (add enough stock to make it saucy, without making it too watery – I used a little more than two cups)to thin the paste. Add the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Keep stirring until combined. Take off the heat.

Now you have options on how to finish it…
Add everything back to the pot – veggies, meat, saucy goodness, and beans, if you’re using them – and simmer away for two hours, stirring every once in awhile.

Throw everything in your electric pressure cooker, stir to combine, and cook on high pressure for 22 minutes. Allow for natural release, if you have time.

Toss it all in a crockpot and let it go on low for 8 hours.

Get Rob to clean up all the dishes and mess you made in the kitchen. Then sit down with your favorite people to enjoy. I made this the night before. Cooled it and reheated it. Chili always seems to taste better on the second day.

I’m a sucker for the chili add-ins – cheese, sour cream, chopped lettuce, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, olives, avocado, cornbread, tortilla chips…Again, anything goes.

Enjoy you guys. Be sure to let me know how it turns out.

Nicole M

Nicole M

Meet Nicole M!!! Our January Member Spotlight!!!

1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor: I started in 2016. My first workout was Open workout 16.1! It was so intimidating because people in the class were actually getting judged for the open, and meanwhile I had a 15lb bar wobbling all over the place trying to lunge with it over my head!

2. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: Bar muscle up, absolutely. Doing my first ring muscle up was amazing because I was so shocked I got up there, but the bar muscle up was something I literally worked for a year to try to get. Trying until my hands were bloody and I was all bruised up by my ribs…but then, after the workout “Karen” it happened. It felt so good to finally get it after seeing people do it and desperately wanting to do one, too.

3. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:  My favorite lift is push press, and I also like strict movements. My favorite workouts are chippers, or the long grinding grunt work workouts. I love Murph, despite the fact it involves running which I hate. I feel like I’m gonna die while I am doing it…so I love it because it both honors a hero and puts me on my hands knees in a puddle of sweat. I like to be basically on the floor in hell after a long workout. It’s my favorite feeling, so clearly I am a little bizarre.

4. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year: At some point, I would like to learn to use my legs in Olympic lifts, since I try to muscle everything. I also would like to stop overthinking everything I do. I play head games with myself! Ugh!

5. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:  I cannot believe the friendships I have made here. My closest friends are the people I have met at CFB. And the other piece that is so surprising to me is the comfort zone you fall into with these people.  The shyness goes away, you are giving sweaty hugs and high fives, and we can all sit there and talk about our goals and laugh at each other (in a good way).

6. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: Remember that not everyone has the same goals. You may not have any interest in setting personal records on your lifts, or getting a certain gymnastic move, or being the first on a leaderboard…and that’s ok! One person may be there just to get a good sweat, and the next is training for a Spartan race or Ironman,  and the next wants to do local competitions…all kind of goals, all important, all personal to you!

7. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors: Any Maine State Park Campgrounds. They’re secluded, no frills. Nothing is more beautiful than stars in a sky with no city lights to spoil it, and if you’re hearing loons while you fall asleep…then its absolutely perfect. I’ve stood there with my husband looking over the water at night thinking, how does anyone not cherish something so unspoiled and naturally amazing.

8. Non CrossFit interest(s): I love camping with my family. That is my favorite pastime. I absolutely love dogs. And while I love camping and natural beauty,  I also find it absolutely amazing to go to New York City. It’s a culture shock, and it’s still surreal to me every time I go. I could people watch all day. I highly recommend any Mainer experience it. You’ll hate to love it:)

9. Additional thoughts you’d like to share! I want to tell my coaches how much I appreciate them, of course. I am literally a different person, a better person, since I started this journey at CFB. I have known Mel for longer than most people realize, and she’s always been one of biggest role models. So, it was amazing to catch up with her on a more personal level doing what we love! We remember the good ole days, YMCA style, right Mel!? Its just incredible how you build this family, this crew…we laugh together, we cry together, we watch each other get married, we go out together, we share in each other’s accomplishments and failures, and we believe in each other when it’s hard to believe in yourself. If I am having an off day, I may find my coach picking up on that, giving me a hug, and just saying “whatever you need, I’m here”. They have a sixth sense, and they GENUINELY care about you in and outside of CFB. So do the members…they just know you, and I love that!

Izzy W.

Izzy W.

  1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor?

I started at CrossFit Bangor in July 2015 at the old building. My sister signed me up without telling me about it.

  1. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:

It is hard to say. My proudest CrossFit accomplishments are my first toe to bar, rope climb and pull ups.

  1. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:

I like a workout that involves running. I also like EMOM workouts because they are a way to go out of your comfort zone to focus and practice on certain movements such as double unders, toes to bar, etc.

  1. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:

Rowing, bike, and wall balls. I was struggling to hit the high target with a 10 lb medicine ball two years ago. I now can hit the high target. My goal is to use a heavier wall ball and do the same thing.

  1. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:

My biggest surprise was enjoying showing up to class, feeling motivated, the wonderful atmosphere and community. And also the passion that everyone has. I also surprised myself in an EMOM workout where I got my first toe to bar.

  1. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:

My advice for new members is not to be intimidated. The coaches are excellent. Take one day at a time. We are all in this together!

  1. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors:

My Favorite Maine place to visit is Acadia National Park, Fields Pond,  and Schoodic Point.

  1. My non CrossFit interests are cooking, baking, theatre, arts, music, and traveling.


Join our team!

Join our team!

We are seeking a highly motivated fitness enthusiast who will follow and respect our core values and coaching techniques.

CrossFit Bangor is seeking a Part-Time CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in Bangor, Maine. Our goal is to grow the CFB community by utilizing effective, efficient and fun fitness. We design programs to help athletes achieve their fitness goals inside and outside the box. As a part of CrossFit, athletes are guided, motivated and coached every step of the way through unique and structured workouts.

Beyond fitness, CrossFit Bangor is a community of strong, healthy individuals who work hard, play hard and have fun! We are invested in our athletes and support them not only in the box, but also with life achievements outside the box.

We are currently looking for a professional and experienced coach so we can continue to grow CrossFit Bangor and our offerings to members. The role of the Coach will be to exude the vision and mission of CrossFit Bangor, which is changing the lives of people in our community through the awakening of what their mind and body can do when nutrition, CrossFit and community are valued highly and made a part of their daily lives. In other words, “If you let it, this place will change you.”


The CrossFit Coach is responsible for the following:

  • Guide athletes through daily workouts (WODs), while creating a fun and productive atmosphere for them to achieve their goals.
  • Understand and demonstrate functional movements, understand and explain the CrossFit methodology, and have the necessary skills to scale and modify movements and/or workouts for any ability level and/or physical limitation that a member may have.
  • Must possess an excellent working knowledge of CrossFit principles, strength and conditioning techniques/programming, mobility techniques and anatomy and physiology
  • Must have excellent “People Skills” and the ability to effectively lead groups in a manner that will educate, entertain and inspire our clients on a daily basis
  • Start and end class on time.
  • Welcome any new members or prospects.
  • Sign in and account for all athletes attending each class.
  • Wear proper coaching attire.
  • Handle basic membership inquiries; provide information about our program and schedule intro sessions. Assist with sales of new memberships and merchandise.
  • Teach additional programs, such as endurance programs, strength clinics, etc. (Continued education encouraged.)
  • Participate in community events that take place throughout the year.
  • Provide athletes with health and fitness guidance on various topics that will empower them to lead healthy lives.
  • Assist in keeping all the gym area and its equipment clean and organized. At CrossFit Bangor, our members’ safety and happiness is of the utmost importance, followed closely by the achievement of their goals, as well as the camaraderie and community among members and staff. It will be up to you as the Coach to lead by example and, on a daily basis, foster and strengthen the community we have created.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • CrossFit L1, additional certifications desirable
  • CPR/AED Certified 

Estimated Time Commitment:

  • 10-20 hours/every two weeks
  • Coach/Owner meetings up to 1x/month
  • Encouraged and challenged to assist the development of new programs and services.
  • Work on individual projects, and implement other initiatives under direction from the owners.
  • Opportunities to earn more revenue through other programs, activities, or initiatives set forth by the owners.

Job Type: Part-Time Job: Bangor Maine

Job Type: Employee

Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour based upon experience

  • CrossFit Coach: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Morning (Occasional)
  • Evening (Must)

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour


Application Questions

You have requested that Indeed ask candidates the following questions:

  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?
  • Do you have the following license or certification: CrossFit level 1?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume with 3 references to

Deb Scott

Deb Scott

  1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor:

I started at Crossfit Bangor in the Summer of 2016. My first On-Ramp class was at the old gym and the workout was so hard!! It was 3 rounds of a 100m run, air squats, and sit ups. It was terrible and I thought I was going to die!

  1. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:

That’s a hard one because in the three years of doing CF there are some days that just showing up is an accomplishment…I’m ALWAYS glad I do.   Whether it’s finishing a workout faster than I thought I would or using a heavier weight than I usually do, there are so many small victories every time I come to the gym. One accomplishment that stands out was the Open workout 19.2. I had advanced to the last part of the workout. The very end of the workout had squat cleans at 135 pounds. My one rep max had been 115 pounds, so when I completed 4 at 135# I was very proud of myself…I would have never been able to do it without Coach James who was judging me, Coach Mel who let me use her magical weight belt and the rest of the gym for cheering me on.

  1. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:

My favorite lift is the deadlift because I don’t have to move the bar very far from the ground 🙂 My ideal workout would be deadlifts, double unders, and sit ups. I also really like chippers.

  1. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:

I’d like to improve on my strict pull ups, stringing toes to bar, and handstand push ups without any skull or ab mats.

  1. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:

When I first started, I thought people would care about what I did during the workout. I soon realized that no one cares what you do as long as you show up.  After shoulder surgery I was overwhelmed with the support of the coaches.  They always made me feel included in the class workouts even with one bum arm.  They purchased equipment so I could participate and even wrote modified workouts daily that they posted along with the daily WOD on the whiteboard.   I was also surprised to find that when I can’t get to the gym, I get really angry. Crossfit Bangor has become a huge part of my life. Going every day makes me feel so much better mentally and physically.  I am surprised at how much I hate working out at a “regular” gym when I’m away for work.  The only thing that gets me through those workouts is my jump rope.

  1. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:

CrossFit is for everyone no matter where you are physically.  If you’re injured, “out of shape”, or in the best shape of your life, our coaches are the best because they tailor every workout to your individual capabilities.  You don’t have to walk around aimlessly trying to figure out which body part to work on or jump on a treadmill or elliptical for your cardio.  Crossfit Bangor membership is worth every penny.  Workouts are programed, performances are tracked, skills are taught, you are coached from the beginning to the end of your class.  You don’t have to think!  Just show up!

  1. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors:

How can you not recommend Acadia National Park to visitors? However, one of my favorite places to visit on a Sunday morning is Ralph’s Cafe in Brooks. It’s a cute, little restaurant  that has THE BEST breakfast.

  1. Non CrossFit interest(s):

Spending time with family and dogs.  I also enjoy completing various projects (she-shed, corn hole boards, dog ramps, deck railings, painting, crocheting, baking, etc.)

  1. Additional thoughts you’d like to share! 

I think it’s very important for members to reach out and introduce themselves to new members. It’s intimidating to walk into our gym when you are new because there is no place to hide. I remember when I first came to check out CFB. I watched a class and thought “OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE (Nicole, Janet, Bille) ARE BADASS!” At the end of the class, Billie introduced herself to me and shared her experience at the gym. Her enthusiasm was contagious.  From that point on, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community.

I love being present when people get their firsts or when they are able to accomplish something that has challenged them.  One of the best parts of this gym is that you can always improve and challenge yourself.

I’m thankful to be able to workout side by side with my daughter.  CFB has brought us closer and has challenged us both mentally and physically.  I have seen the physical and emotional strength CFB has provided for Brooklynn and I’m proud to be a member.