Loading Coach, Please Wait #5

Loading Coach, Please Wait #5

Well hello there,

So this past week  I was unable to do any interning 🙁

The last two weekends I have been traveling a lot spending many hours in cars and tiny plane seats (I am certain every time I get  on a plane they seem to have gotten even smaller). The worst part of traveling is the amount of time one has to sit still for because I am personally not one who can do this easily. Even my 20 minutes to work or the gym feels long at times. Therefore to occupy the time, I listen to podcasts. Podcasts hold my attention longer and more fulfilling because I  learn something new or review an interesting topic than just music. Ever since starting CrossFit then especially since getting my L1 and starting interning, I have used these opportunities to listen to CrossFit-themed podcasts in order to enhance my knowledge on body mechanics of lifts, nutrition, common trends, news with in the CrossFit world, and coaching tips. My opinion on learning anything may it be CrossFit or my job within emergency medicine, is that there is always something new to learn thus if one believes they know everything then they should recheck their ego and leave the profession. I want to be as ready as possible for any questions an athlete asks as well as be prepared to coach movements safely and efficiently.

Here is my top 5 podcasts:

1. Ben Bergeron’s Chasing Excellence



In this podcast, Ben discussed the multifacets of being a CrossFit athlete from programming tips and nutrition to maximizing potential through mindfulness and building relationships. Ben’s podcasts has answered many of my questions about CrossFit overall and I love his mindset on always chasing excellence in the gym as well as in life.


2. Squat University


Dr.Aaron Horschig discusses within these podcasts ways to improve Olympic lifts as well as ways to coach specific faults particularly through mobility exercises and stretches. This is where I go to learn different strategies on certain fixes. Dr.Horschig also has an Instagram page which has been helpful in visually showing what his podcasts talked about with anatomical diagrams and demonstrations of stretches.


3. The CrossFit Podcast


The CrossFit Podcast, which has since stopped recording episodes, use to invite an individual from the CrossFit world including Games athletes, affiliate owners, doctors, and people who were making a difference within their CrossFit communities. Each episode had a different guest so it kept the podcast interesting and the topics were inspiring.


4. Jocko Podcast


This is not particularly a CrossFit-specific podcast, however, I have learned a lot about mentality and morale which I have used when struggling to learn a particular movement or struggling to trust the process.


5, Shrugged Collection


The collection of podcasts includes episodes from the Mike Bledsoe Show and Barbell Shrugged which go over every topic from tips on nutrition and wellness to mental health and words of advice on coaching/leadership. The episodes can be a bit long in length which for me can make them harder to listen to compared to the ones, However, I have learned about many topics I would not have thought to investigate until hearing about it on an episode.

Now that you have read about my favorite podcasts, I would love to learn of any others you all have come across and enjoyed. In addition to podcasts if there are any websites, Instagram accounts, or Youtube channels you think I should explore, I am always open to suggestions.

Until next week,


39.6% Coach Installed, Please Wait

Saturday June 15

Saturday June 15


Teams of 2

2k Row

200 DU

75/50cal bike


2k Row


*We can modify DU to 400 singles or 3 minutes of max DU attempts

30 min Cap

Friday June 14

Friday June 14

WOD Brief

SKILL:  Seated Box Jumps

  • The goal today is to build explosive strength on the seated box jump as well for some build confidence with low rep higher box jumps. This is the perfect opportunity to try a higher box than normal.

(Bar Muscle Ups) (Chest to Bar) (Pull Ups)

  • For those that have bar-muscle ups, this is a great opportunity to try to start linking them together, even if that means some failures through this EMOM. Other should take this opportunity to work chest to bar skills or strict pull-ups to gain strength.
  • Still waiting on that elusive pull-up? Continue to build strength with barbell or dumbbell rows!!


METCON: Combining cardio, gymnastics and explosive strength in this short triplet today. Scale the run as needed to stay fast.


Seated BJ + BMU

EMOM x 10min

  1. 5 Seated Box Jumps (any height)
  2. 2 Bar Muscle Ups


Open – as written

Performance – 3 Chest to Bar

Fitness – Regular Box Jumps + 2-3 Strict Pull Ups

Scaled – Step Ups + Barbell or Dumbbell Rows



3 rounds

Row 400m

15 Toes to bar

15 Box Jumps 20/24

  • 15min time cap

Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 10 Toes to Bar + 10 Box Jumps


Post Work/Recovery

2-3 Rounds NOT FOR TIME

Sled Push Down (50ft) + Backwards Sled Pull (50 ft as heavy as possible)

1min Plank Hold (forearms)


Thursday June 13

Thursday June 13

WOD Brief

METCON: Cardo meets odd object conditioning.

  • 3 athletes per stations.
  • Work for the entirety of the 2mins, if you can’t work the entire time then scale down so you can.
  • Today’s workout is the score for all movements added together. (400m Run = 1 rep)


“Whistle while you work”

2min work Max Distance Empty Sled Push (50ft = 1 length)

: 30-sec rest

2min work Max Distance Sandbag Walking Front Rack Lunges (50ft = 1 length on mats) Red/Black

: 30-sec rest

2min work 400m Run

: 30-sec rest

2min work Max Number of Up/Downs with a sandbag (sandbag stays on the shoulder) Red/Black

:30-sec rest

2min work Max Calorie Assault Bike

:30-sec rest

2min work Max AbMat Sit-Ups

: 30-sec rest

2min work Max Effort Burpees

:30-sec rest


Open/Performance – as written (red/black)

Fitness – no weight/sandbag


Post Work/Recovery

3-5 Rounds of (one bar)

10 Strict Press + 10 barbell rows + 10 Curls

  • Build in weight as desired.
  • Between sets 15-20 Band Pull Aparts

Try to go heavier than last week. (if you did it)



Topic: Overhead (Snatch)

Techniques and Drills

Behind the Neck

Drill – Complex: BTN Strict Press + BTN Push Press + BTN Push Jerk (1+2+3)

Overhead Squat

Drill – Tempo OHS : (33×1 for 3) x 5 sets (33×2 = 3s descent, 3s bottom, fast up, 2 seconds at the top before next rep)

Snatch Balance

Drill – 5×3 Snatch Balance with 2s pause in the bottom


Aerobic Capacity



RUN 200 M – FAST




RUN 200 – FAST




RUN 200 – FAST

Total: 2400m

Wednesday June 12

Wednesday June 12

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Deadlift Heavy Double

METCON: Don’t underestimate this 7min time domain or the weight on the barbell! This will feel heavier than a normal 225/155 so do not compromise your back as well as the intended stimulus which is moving the ENTIRE 7min.


Deadlift 1 x 2

  • Building to a heavy double for the day.
  • 15min to build, share a bar!


“Optimus Prime”


Wallballs (20/14) – Females to a 9′ Target

*On the Minute, starting on the 0:00, complete 5 Deadlifts (225/155)


  • The score is total wall balls completed in the 7 min
  • OPEN – as written
    PERFORMANCE- 185/135
    FITNESS- Wallballs (14/10) Deadlift (155/105)

Post Work/Recovery

2-3 Rounds of:

10 Reverse Hyper + 10 Hip Extensions

20 Glute Bridges or 10 Barbell Glute Bridges


Tuesday June 11

Tuesday June 11

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: 6min of Shoulder Press is for a shoulder warm-up. All lifts are from the ground today. No racks to include the warm-up 1 x 5

METCON: Be sure the weight that you add to your bar you and your partner can do at least a set of 5 for the shoulder press to start, this will set you up for success in the later rounds as fatigue sets in.


Shoulder Press 1 x 5 (3 warm-up sets)

  • Every 2 min x 6min



“Pedal and Press”

For time:

Teams of 2

50 Shoulder Press 115/75

50 Assault Bike Cal

40 Push Press

40 Assault Bike Cal

30 Push Jerk

30 Assault Bike Cal

  • 20min time cap.
  • No racks.
  • Partners can split the work however they choose.


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 40/40, 30/30, 20/20 @ 95/65


Post Work/Recovery

3 Supersets –

10 Dumbbell Bicep Curls

10/side Dumbbell Rows

2min rest


Monday June 10

Monday June 10

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Building from last week (Week 2 of 5) If you missed last week you may want to start at 60%

METCON: Classic benchmark workout – the goal should be unbroken, if not, no more than 2 sets or you may miss the intended stimulus of intensity.


Front/Back Squat 2.0

Alternating on the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):

Odd Minutes – 3 Front Squats @ 65% of 1RM Front Squat

Even Minutes – 6 Back Squats @ 65% of 1RM Front Squat



3 Rounds for time of:

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35

12 Pull-ups

  • 14min time cap




Post Work/Recovery


Strict Handstand Push Ups

  • After each set 15 red band press downs + 15 pull-a-parts


Installing Coach, Please Wait #4

Installing Coach, Please Wait #4

What’s up everyone,

So this week I had the opportunity to shadow/assistant coach with The Alex Layman as well as do some coaching by myself. I even solo coached my first 4 PM class! Each class I am getting a bit more comfortable…and feeling a wee less fumbly standing up and coaching in front of y’all. With that, I have been able to relax and focus more during class. This has allowed me to reflect on seeing a class through a coach’s perspective.

First off, I am an enthusiastic and talkative individual whose years of being a middle child of seven has made my inside voice quite a bit louder than most. However, now as I have started to teach classes, I can see how hard it can be to get everyone’s attention to start the class brief or after a transition if people are talking amongst each other. Yet, although as the coach I now see this as hard to manage,I also understand that , like myself, many people use the gym as a happy place where life drama gets to put on the back burner, to see friends, as well as get a good workout. Therefore, I now believe there is a fine line between wanting everyone’s undivided attention to knowing that even if someone is whispering (or in my case trying to whisper unsuccessfully) they are still paying attention.

Another something I have noticed is getting to see movement struggles I used to have or still have manifest for another athlete. For me, double unders have been the most frustrating movement for me. First off, the task seems easy: have the rope swing under your feet twice in one jump, which was why it was so discouraging to repeatedly trip over the rope or get whipped in the ankle, shin, or hand. When WODs called for double unders, a common scaling suggestion is to practice them for a minute for each round. As the seconds pass of repetitive misses, it can be disheartening and one can feel alone in the struggle, especially if their line of sight is within someone who is skilled at double unders. This is where the coach’s perspective comes in handy. In Tuesday’s workout from my point of view walking around the class, I could see the reason(s) someone was missing their double unders from letting their arms wander outward, piking their body forward, or trying to swing their rope from their shoulders and not their wrists. Therefore, in conclusion, as I continue to fine tune my abilities to spot movement flaws and then how to remediate them with efficient cues, I would love for you all to challenge me. Pull me aside between classes! Send me a video of a movement you are struggling with! Let me research different cues!

Until next week,

33% Coach Installed, Please Wait

Saturday June 8

Saturday June 8

Team Danny

Teams of 2

20min AMRAP

30 Box Jumps 24/20

20  Push Press  115/80

30 Pull-ups

Open/performance: As written

Fitness: Step ups, 95/65 push press, jumping pull ups/banded/ring rows

*1 teammate works while 1 rest

Friday June 7

Friday June 7

WOD Brief

Scale the run or scale the number of toes to bar to be sure you get at least 30-sec rest today.

  • The score for today’s workout is the slowest round.
  • For example, if an athlete’s splits went – 2:00, 2:04, 2:05, 2:05, 2:07, 2:11, 2:07 – their score for the day would be 2:11.


Cement Mixer

Every 3min for 7 sets:

400m Run

12 Toes to Bar


Open –  as written

Performance – 8 toes to bar

Fitness – knees to chest


Post Work/Recovery

2 Rounds of:

1 wall-walk + 10 shoulder taps

10 red banded press downs

15 red band pull-aparts