Thursday June 6

Thursday June 6

WOD Brief

METCON: Trying a different object today for the workout however, dumbbell cleans are a great substitute as well. Push hard on the bike!


Train Wreck

8 Rounds:

40 Seconds Sand Bag Cleans (red/black)

20 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Bike Calories

20 Seconds Rest

  • The score is lowest rep total of the 8 rounds
  • Open/Performance/Fitness – as above


Post Work/Recovery

2-4 Rounds NOT for time:

3 Strict Pull-Ups or 6 Dumbbell Row/Side

5 Strict Dips (ring or matador)



Topic: Pulling

Techniques and Drills

Snatch Grip Deadlift – 12 min

Drill – Pausing SGDL – 5×3 with 3-3s pauses – 2” off floor, below the knee, pockets

Snatch Pull – 12 min

Drill – Snatch pull – 5×3 – do not drop the bar in between reps but do reset from the floor for each rep (no “touch and go”)

Clean Pull from Deficit – 12 min

Drill – Clean pull from 2-4” deficit (standing on 25# or 45# plate) – 5×3 – do not drop the bar in between reps but do reset from the floor for each rep (no “touch and go”)

Complex – remaining time

2 CGDL + 2 Clean Pull + 3 Shrug Pulls


Aerobic Capacity

150/100 Calorie Assault Bike

Males – 5 x 15 Calories Slow, 15 Calories Fast

Females – 5 x 10 Calories Slow, 10 Calories Fast

Wednesday June 5

Wednesday June 5

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: 10min to build to a fast set of 3 for the day, mostly focusing on what will be a good weight for the workout. No singles!

METCON: Last accomplished Jan 5, 2018, the goal should be 3-4 rounds.




Build to a Heavy Set of 3



“Smooth Criminal”


60 Double Unders

30 Wallballs (20/14)

15 Deadlifts (245/165)



FITNESS – 165/115


Post Work/Recovery

2-3 Rounds of:

10 Reverse Hyper + 10 Hip Extensions

20 Glute Bridges or 10 Barbell Glute Bridges


Tuesday June 4

Tuesday June 4

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Stamina Squat Cycle – Week 1 of 5

  • Choose a recent 1RM Front Squat, not a 1RM that is from years ago.

METCON: You can treat this as a “finisher” or can push like “Fight Gone Bad,” athletes choice.



12 MIN EMOM: Front/Back Squat

Alternating on the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):

Odd Minutes – 3 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat

Even Minutes – 6 Back Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat



“Timed Tussle”

2 Rounds:

MAX Reps at each station

1:00 Cal Row

: 30-sec rest

1:00 DB/KB Push Press

: 30-sec rest

1:00 Sit-Ups

: 30-sec rest

1:00 DB Front Rack Lunges

: 30-sec rest

  • Post total reps today.
  • Work for the ENTIRE min.


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – push ups + lunges with no weight


Post Work/Recovery

3 Rounds NOT for time:

2min Assault Bike + 1min/side couch stretch


Monday June 3

Monday June 3

WOD Brief

STRENGTH: Finessing the hang and full power snatch today building in weight if able.

METCON: Goal is high-intensity today but moving safely and efficiently. If the barbell is too heavy form will deteriorate quickly and you will miss the intended stimulus.



1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch

  • Every 2min x 10min building in weight.
  • No drops between movements.


Jacking Iron

15 – 12 – 9- 6 – 3

Power Snatch 65/95


  • 10min time cap.

Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – Dumbell Snatches


Post Work/Recovery

3-5 Rounds of (one bar)

10 Strict Press + 10 barbell rows + 10 Curls

  • Build in weight as desired.
  • Between sets 15-20 Band Pull Aparts
Saturday June 1

Saturday June 1

“Hand Sanitizer”

Teams of 3

3 Rounds for time

800m run together

30 power snatch

30 box jump overs

30 Front Squats

30 Pull ups

*athletes run 800m together

*remaining work 1 works, 2 rest

Open: 115/80

Performance: 96/65

Fitness/Scaled: 65/45 or KB, Ring Row or Jumping Pull ups


Coach Installing, Please Wait #3

Coach Installing, Please Wait #3

Hellooooo there,

First off, what an amazing turnout this Monday as our gym took on Murph. There were over 100 people who came together to honor and respect the individuals who have fallen fighting for our freedom. The feeling of community was almost tangible as every corner of the gym was filled with cheers and words of encouragement. Then when it was all over, there was a sense of camaraderie as we enjoyed the potluck like a victory feast.

Personally, this was my third year taking on Murph but the first year I took it on in its entirety. As I questioned my choice to do this as the 9am start time creeped closer and closer, I was motivated by my fellow Murph-goers who believed I could do it when I didn’t yet believe in myself. Throughout the work with my brain in a pain cave fog, the seemingly distant cheers of “Get back to it” and “You got it, keep going” kept me going.

This strong sense of community is a special feature of CrossFit that keeps people coming back even after a workout leaves you in a sweaty puddle on the floor. CrossFit motivates all-out effort and encourages training to the level of one’s goals because of the community support one gets during a workout, after a workout as well as throughout their entire CrossFit journey. Classes are filled with people from all walks of life who wouldn’t normally be brought together but now are in a class together, sweating, suffering, and working hard to become a better human together. This is not something that is seen in a conventional gym where most of the time the only conversations had between gym-goers are “you done with that squat rack”.

This week I had the opportunity to on-ramp a new member for the first time and it felt almost like welcoming a new person into the family. This is because CrossFit Bangor is a family, a family that is united around a common goal of working hard for what we want and knowing that sometimes a workout is just going to suck and all you have to do is embrace it.

Until next week,


26.4% Coach Installed, Please Wait



Friday May 31

Friday May 31

WOD Brief

STRENGTH – For some of you that have been with us since 2017 this may look familiar, so yeah, you know what’s coming in the near future.

  • Start at a manageable load – what we think we could lift for ~20 repetitions.
  • Complete our 10 repetitions, and add on a small amount of weight to prepare for our set of 8 repetitions. None of these repetitions should be max effort lifts. We are looking for the heavy stimulus today, but there should be no chance of a missed lift. Record your final 2 reps to TRIIB.
  • ONE ATTEMPT at each set, no exceptions.

METCON – Similar to our dear friend “Jackie” however we have left out the pull-ups and utilized the wallball for thrusters, oh and added in a few burpees for those of you that love to put the BALL down when you really don’t have to. You’re welcome. <3


Every 3min for 15min:

10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2



1000k Row

50 Wallballs

  • Each time you drop the bar 5 burpees.
  • If you do your set unbroken you win…nothing!
  • 10min time cap.


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 1k Row, 30 Thrusters at 45/35 or substitute wall balls 14/10



4 Sets of

10 Weighted Glute Bridges (with the chest elevated on a bench)

10 Glute Ham Raises or Banded Good Mornings or RDLs (choose which you are confident with)


**Optional Work Suggested BEFORE class**


EMOTM x 6min

1 Single Squat Snatch (Full)

  • Building in weight



Every 2min x 5 sets

1 Single Squat Snatch (Full)

  • Building in weight or stay at a inconsistent weight to work form/efficiency.
Thursday May 30

Thursday May 30

WOD Brief: Working some skills under a little of cardo capacity to start the class then moving to a quick sprint to finish class!

Skill Sesh:

Toes – Abs – Dubs

EMOM for 10min

  1. 15 Toes to Bar
  2. 30 Double Unders


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 10 Knees to Chest, 20 Double Unders



2 Rounds for time:

100m Run + 100ft Sled Push (3/2 45lb plates + sled)

  • Multiple heats will move quickly
  • 5min time cap


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 2/1 45lb plates + Sled


Recovery: 5min Cool Down on the Assault Bike

Crossover Symmetry – banded pull-aparts/pull-downs


**Optional Work Suggested BEFORE/AFTER class**

Aerobic Capacity Programming



Aerobic Capacity

Run 200m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 400 m

-Rest 1min-

Run 600m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 400m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 200m

Wednesday May 29

Wednesday May 29

WOD Brief: For those that missed this the last time due to the power outage on Sept 26, 2018 you can thank Erik Millay for the special request!

STRENGTH Take this opportunity to find a 5RM for the day that will allow you to move well and confident under the bar when cycling.



Depending on what you are more confident with – singles or cycling – you will have to chose which was you can stay more composed today if you are planning on “running the ladder.” For those of you who have accomplished this before, feel free to “scale up” and add more weight to the barbell.


Death by Power Cleans

OTM for 15 Minutes

1st Minute 1 Power Clean

2nd Minute 2 Power Cleans

3rd Minute 3 Power Cleans A

and so on until you can not finish the number of reps in that minute.


Then take one minute off and start back at 1 rep.


**This is NOT an open/performance/fitness workout**

Log Rx or scaled


Rx = 135/95



3-4 Rounds NOT for time

10-15 Reverse Hyper

5 Single Leg RDL (empty bar)

2min Assault Bike


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 10/side

Single Arm Dumbbell Row 3 x 10/side

25 Candlesticks on Bench

  • Superset Style – rest as needed between supersets.
Tuesday May 28

Tuesday May 28

WOD Brief: If you didn’t participate in Murph yesterday have no fear, you can make this workout absolutely terrible, not sure how? Ask a coach and they would love to help you understand sprint or even up the calories/reps. 🙂


“Murph Flush”

EMOM x 20 min

1) 15/12 Cal Row

2) 12/10 Cal Bike

3) 20 AbMats

4) Rest


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 12/10 Row, 10/8 Bike, 15-20 Abmats



2 Rounds of: 50ft seal walk w/sliders + 10 reverse lunges/leg w/slider (do all on one side before switching)


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

Shoulder Press 4 x 4

  • 5-10lb increase from last week if possible

Alternate with 4 x 4 sets of ring/matador dips (goal is strict)