Saturday May 18

Saturday May 18


Teams of 3


1 Athlete always rowing, 1 work, 1 rests


100 Hang power cleans 95/65

75 Shoulder to overhead 95/65

50 burpees over the bar

40 box jumps

Open: As written

Performance/Fitness 75/55, regular burpees

Installing Coach Please Wait

Installing Coach Please Wait

Howdy everyone, Courtney here

As you might have already seen I will be working with Tiffany as a CrossFit Bangor intern this Summer. In order for y’all to see all the new things I’m learning and overall what mischievous I get myself into, I will be posting a weekly blog post here for your viewing pleasure.

If you are an early riser like myself, we have most likely grinded through a rough MetCon at 6 in the morning together. However, if you coming later in the day, I look forward to meeting you. If I don’t say hello first, please come up and introduce yourself.

These first two weeks have been spent seeing how much goes on in the background that allows CrossFit Bangor to function smoothly as well as observing classes. Having the opportunity to see a class through the point of view of a coach and not as an athlete has been eye-opening. First off, an hour goes seemingly faster than 60 minutes when trying to fit everything into one class period. The clock doesn’t care if the warm-up takes longer than planned or transitions between workouts aren’t smooth. After assisting in teaching my first class on Thursday, I also found out everything planned goes much more fluidly on paper than when actually trying to instructing a class.

Over the next few months I look forward to meeting and working with everyone as well as fine tuning my coaching abilities! My coaching feels choppy and a bit awkward so as I am going through the learning process, I welcome any and all feedback.

13% Coach Installed, Please Wait

Friday May 17

Friday May 17

WOD Brief

METCON – If you are doing Murph this is a great way to get comfortable with the vest if you are planning on wearing one. This also has a well-known benchmark (Cindy) nestled in with 200m runs for those just trying to gain overall fitness.

Murph AMRAP Style

30min w/Partner (1 work, 1 rests. Teammates complete full rounds before switching) 

200m Run

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

  • The parking lot is the best choice for today’s metcon.
  • No partner? No problem – just rest the same amount of time it takes you to do 1 round.


Open/Performance – 20/14lb weight vest

Fitness – as written above

Scaled – 200m Run 5-5-10


Accessory Work/Recovery

3 Rounds of:

10 Plate Raises

20 Band Pull Aparts

1min/Side Couch Strength


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

1 Hang Power Clean +  1 Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk (In Barbell – is that where we should post the extra?)


  • Building in weight over 6-7 sets



Amanda M.

Amanda M.

  1. When did you start at CrossFit Bangor:

April 2017

  1. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:

Completing a marathon row with three other incredible women to celebrate my 30th Birthday. Team Dirty Thirty. Rowing For Cake

  1. Favorite lift, metcon, or both:

My favorite days are my lift days. I am the “tiny” woman, any day I can back squat or deadlift more than my body weight makes me feel stronger mentally and physically. Yes a girl whose 110lbs and 5ft 2 can back squat 150lbs. She may be small, but she is mighty.

Every time I lift it is a reminder to myself I am okay. One of the reasons I started CF was not to be a weightlifter or lose weight. My fitness journey started as a way amidst the chaos of life to stop and give myself something to work on. I was having a hard time believing in myself and kept getting stuck in the anxious you’re not good enough loop we can all get stuck in.

At the time, I decided to prove to myself I could feel strong and do something I did not think I could. This led me to a couch-to-5K, two other gym memberships and a decision to try to take on the Tough Mountain Challenge and Spartan Race before finding my fitness home at CrossFit. I feel worthier now and am able to see myself as the strong woman I now believe in, thanks to fitness and the CF community that continues to uplift me.

I am more than just a tiny woman, I am a proving to myself every day I am not perfect, I am strong and worthy. Anxiety is a huge struggle for me and fitness helps to calm my day at the gym or yoga as my meditation and reflection time. Life is not perfect, but at least I can say each day I am working towards become stronger than yesterday.

  1. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:

Double unders and improving gymnastics. Double unders FINALLY clicked in my brain and body. Though they are not perfect it’s something that was unexpected one work out and I want to continue the process and improve. I want to be better on the bar and continue my progressions.

  1. Biggest surprise since starting at CrossFit Bangor:

  The way Crossfit uplifted my spirits and strength was beyond anything I could have imagined. It became this therapy for me. I could take on the day with a better attitude or finish the day and be able to let all the anxiety and chaos of the day go. I never would have thought CrossFit would have boosted my confidence, but it did. It showed me a strength in myself I did not know existed. I am so much healthier mentally and physically to take on life.

  1. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:

Don’t be afraid that you “can’t” do something. Most of us are not games athletes, and we are all at different levels. You will be supported no matter what level of fitness, age, weight or anything. You are accepted for who you are and where you are. Trust the process, be open with the coaches with what your goals are, and trust YOU CAN! Believe in yourself!

  1. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors

  Acadia National Park, Sand Beach is my absolute favorite place. For a good local brew, try Nocturnum in downtown Bangor.

  1. Non CrossFit interest(s):

-Adventures with my husband Erick and our dog Layla. Love to travel, hike, playing old school video games with my family.

-Fun fact, I am a freelance graphic artist and LOVE being creative.

-Concerts. Anything but country, Breaking Benjamin and The Postal Service are my favorite  bands.

  1. Additional thoughts you’d like to share!

You are so worthy and stronger than you could imagine. I believe you can find a home at CrossFit Bangor.


Travis J.

Travis J.

1.When did you start CrossFit?

Derek a friend and co-work, had been raving about CrossFit for over a year.  It was a sunny Saturday morning the summer of 2016 that I meet Derek, other first timers, and regulars at a try CrossFit class.  The class didn’t feel like working out more like playing.  The best part was the people.  Coaches and members were friendly you could see how the regulars supported one another, joked and enjoyed their work out.  I signed up for on ramp that week.   I did have to take a 9 month break to get torn tendons in both my ankles repaired (Not CrossFit related).  Ever since the repair I have been playing at CrossFit Bangor and God willing for many more years.

2. Proudest CrossFit accomplishment:  

First time, I overhead squatted 65#

3. Favorite lift, metcon or both: 

Smiling that’s my favorite.  Deadlift and Burpees.

4. A movement or workout you’re hoping to improve this year:  

Shoulder mobility, using my hips, and timing.

5. Biggest surprise since starting CrossFit Bangor:

Being asked to be a spotlight member. Before that doing a bar muscle up. Once up, I was so surprised to be up there I hung out for a while then had to figure out what to do next.  Is it too late to add do another bar muscle up, to what I like to improve on this year?

6. Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit:  

Try it! I am quite shy and walking in to a place where I didn’t know anyone is way out of my comfort zone, but you won’t find a better group or place.  The workouts are scaled to your ability and needs. If you listen to the coaches and put in the effort, where ever you are on your fitness journey at the end of a WOD you will be better than when you started.

7. Favorite Maine place to recommend to other members or visitors:

St. John Valley but I am parochial.  Maine has so much to offer, pick a direction and go.

8. Non CrossFit interest(s):  

Downhill Skiing, mountain biking, I am trying white water kayaking this year, and all traditional Northern Mainer activities.

9. Additional thoughts you’d like to share!  

Another gym maybe the “Don’t Care Zone”, CFB is the Instructive, Supportive, Motivate, Fun, Crush you goals zone. (boom, drop the bar bell)

Thursday May 16

Thursday May 16


Building in weight today to find a confident heavy set of 10 for the day.

STRENGTH: Deadlift 1 x 10

  • 10min
  • SHARE barbells while building!

METCON: If you are confident with most workouts with 21-15-9 at 225/155 then feel free to attack this as written with weight. This is also a great workout to challenge larger sets on the toes to bar for some and others to learn what good sets are to maintain. Every athlete will attack this workout different. We challenge you to go unbroken. 😉


ABS with Steel



Toes to Bar       


Open/Performance –  225/155

Fitness – 185/135

Scaled – 135/95, knees to chest or double down on hollow rocks!


Accessory Work/Recovery

10-12 Reverse Hyper (50% or less for weight)

15 Hip Extensions or Banded Good Mornings


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

Back Squat 6 x 2 @ 80% of 1RM

  • After a good warm-up rest 2-3min between sets.
  • Same weight across all sets.



Topic: Full movement: Clean and Jerk

Techniques and Drills

Complex 1: CGDL + Muscle Clean + 2 Front Squat

Complex 2: Power Clean + Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Jerk

Complex 3: Hang Power Clean + 2 Front Squat + Push Press + Jerk

Complex 4: Clean and Jerk (2+1)


Aerobic Capacity

Teams of 2

“Beach Sand”

3 mile bike (1 works while 1 rests)

8x100m sprints (alternate, each person will complete 4 sprints)

2 mile bike (1 works while 1 rests)

6x100m sprints (alternate, each person will complete 2 sprints)

1 mile bike (1 works, 1 rests)

4x100m  sprints (alternate, each person will complete 2 sprints)







Wednesday May 15

Wednesday May 15

STRENGTH: Build to a heavy single Squat Clean for the day in 15min.

Remember any day that you can hit 80% is a GOOD day! The cleaner the lift today the better you will set yourself up for success and efficiency for the metcon.


METCON: This is much harder than you think. 80% can get very heavy when your heart rate is increased – compare this to 19.2 this year.

10 Minute EMOM:

“Jump and Dive”

  1. 20 double unders + 1 squat clean (80% of TODAY’s 1RM)


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 10 Double Unders/40 singles


Accessory Work/Recovery

3 Rounds NOT FOR TIME but for WEIGHT

50ft Sled Push + 50ft Pull


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

Shoulder Press 4 x 6

  • 5lbs heavier than last week if able.
  • Same weight across all sets
  • Rest 2-3min between sets.


Tuesday May 14

Tuesday May 14

WOD Brief:

Today we accomplish the “METCON” first then move into the strength/skill.


The 2k Row should be done as fast as possible but also making sure that you are able to get to work on the wall-climbs as well as right back to the intensity of the row. You will have to find that balance which will allow you to work on your threshold with longer rows with intensity. Staying under 85-90% until you are in your last 500m will be your friend.


Superset = is when one set of an exercise is performed directly after a set of a different exercise without rest between them. Once each superset is complete, then rest for one and a half to two minutes to recover.



2k Row

Every 500m get off the rower and perform 3 Wall Climbs

  • 14min time cap



4 sets (Superset)

10 Dumbells Bent Over Rows (5/side)

6-8 Dips (Rings/Matador/Box)

  • Once each superset is complete, then rest for one and a half to two minutes to recover.


Accessory Work/Recovery


50 Banded (RED) Pressdowns (Facing Band)

50 Banded (RED) Pressdowns (Facing Away from Band)


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**



Monday May 13

Monday May 13


2 power Snatches + 3 Overhead Squat

  • Every 2min  building x 5 sets (10min)

STRENGTH: Every 2min for 10min, building in weight or build to desired workout weight and stay the same weight across all sets, athletes choice.

METCON: Throwing back to 2011! 10min will go quick! The step-forward method will be your friend today for pacing. Yes, the overhead squat weight is not a familiar weight but it is how it was listed for the 2011 Crossfit Open


CF Open 11.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

60 Bar-facing Burpees

30 Overhead squats 120/90

10 Ring Muscle-ups


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 40 Bar-facing Burpees, OHS 95/65, Chest to Bar

Scaled – 30 Bar-facing Burpees, Goblet Squat or Overhead Lunge, Ring Rows


Accessory Work/Recovery

3 sets NOT for time

15 Banded Goodmornings

15 Hollow Rocks

8-10 Calories on the bike (easy pace)


**Optional Strength Work Suggested BEFORE class**

3 Snatch Grip BTN Jerks (IN TRIIB)

Every 2 min x 14min

  • Build in weight
  • Aime for 70-80% of 1RM
  • Use a rack
Saturday May 11

Saturday May 11

“Salt Shaker”

Teams of 2

Buy in Partner 800m Run/Row



Toes to Bar

Thrusters 95/65


Cash out Partner 800m Run/Row


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – 600m Run/Row 75/45


Recovery: Give some high fives and go for a walk with a buddy!