Tuesday April 9

Tuesday April 9


5sets of 3 Push Jerks

  • Perform 5 sets of 3 push jerks at 75-80% of weight achieved most recently.
  • Sets will be done every 90 seconds.
  • You should reset each rep at the shoulders focusing on set up and proper execution.


“Move the Bar”

4 Rounds of:
8/5 Strict C2B Pull-ups
20 DB Alt. Step-ups (35, 25) (20”, 15”) (Total Reps)
25/20 Calorie Row
Rest 1:1

Open: As written
Performance (6/4 Strict Pull-ups per round) (30, 20)
Fitness: (5 Strict Band Assisted Pull-ups) (Unweighted Step-ups)
Scaled: (8 Ring Rows per round) (Unweighted Step-ups to a lower box) (20 Calorie Row per round)

  • 25:00 Time Cap

*Alternate Options for rowing: – 400m Run per round – 20/17 Calorie Bike or Ski Erg


Banded Back Complex:
50 Pulldowns
50 Banded Facepull-aparts
50 Banded pull-aparts (supinated grip)

*Goal to do all 150 reps with minimal rest

Monday April 8

Monday April 8


1Rm Front Squat

  • Build to a 1RM. Perform reps of 5-4-3-2-1+ then about 3-4 sets of 1 to reach a 1RM.
  • Rest 2 min between singles as you approach your 1RM.


”Snatch Balls”
7 Power Snatch (95, 65)
10 Wall balls (20, 14)
*Courtesy of CF Southie

Open:  As written
Performance: (75, 55)
Fitness: (65, 45) (14, 10)
Scaled: (55, 35) (10, 8)

  • Today’s metcon is short, but will be challenging – weights should be light.
  • This is a couplet of power snatch and wall balsl. It will be easy to redline on this one so start off slower than you think and adjust your pace as you see fit.
  • Pace yourself early and make a push in the last couple of minutes if you have gas in the tank
Saturday April 6

Saturday April 6

12 Tough

12 Rounds for time:

3 Rope Climbs

18 Push Ups

25 Air Squats


*30min time cap

*In Teams of 3 – two teammates will share the work while one teammate rests.

*Teams can rotate and split work however they like.

*3 rope pulls or 3 strict pull ups = 1 RC



Open gym workouts must be complete by 10:45 am, so we can close on time. Thank you!

Friday March 5

Friday March 5

Skill: Handstand Push Up


Every 2min for 10min:

15/12 Cal Rowing + 3-8 Strict Handstand Push Ups

  • Encourage to pick a number and try to maintain it vs “go big” and dwindle.
  • Scaling options – Negative, Wall Climbs with or without shoulder taps, reg. push-ups



15min time cap:

100 Double Unders

75 Wallballs

50 Box Jumps 24/20”

25 Toes to Bar


Open – as written

Performance – 50 Double Unders

Fitness – 30 Double Unders, 25 Hollow Rocks



2-3 Rounds

50ft Sled Push AHAP

50ft Seal Walk with sliders

Thursday April 4

Thursday April 4

Partner up – one partner starts with the devils press and the other the dumbbell snatch, then they switch.

Same set up for part II.

 Devils and Dragons

EMOM Alternating:

7 Devils Press (any object, dumbbell(s), plate, sandbag, kettlebell(s)

7 Dumbbell snatch 50/35 + 7 burpees

–3min rest —

10/7 Assault Bike Calories

10 Dumbbell Alternating Step Ups 50/35


Open/Performance – as written

Fitness – No Dumbbells just steps ups


Recovery: Aerobic Capacity Workout or 3 x 500m at recovery pace.

*getting off rower to stretch every 500m


Aerobic Capacity 

100m Run

200m Run

300m Run

400m Run

400m Run

300m, Run

200m Run

100m Run

Rest is equal to run, team up

Same meters for Row, rest equal to row


Members or guests that use commercial travel (plane, bus, train) or travel outside the state of ME, VT, NH will not be allowed to drop-in or return to the gym, inside or outside, until one of the following has been achieved:

1) 7-day quarantine + taking a COVID test after 7 days + receiving a negative test prior to returning to class and bringing a copy of the negative test results that we will keep on file for a minimum of 30 days.
2) 14-day quarantine.