I’ve been working with Michele and the Healthy Steps Nutrition program for three months. Prior to that, I have been someone who struggled with her weight since I was introduced to solid food. I have been on every diet and fad program out there, some with more success than others but inevitably, I would at some point get defeated and regain anything I had lost.

This program, the science behind it, and the common sense approach, have made such  a difference for me. I am eating real, wholesome foods daily. I am not excluding anything, nothing is off limits so there are no cravings or daydreaming about the sugar or carbs I wish I was eating. I just have to be mindful and plan to fit in the things I will be choosing to eat/drink. When I’ve stuck to doing this, I haven’t experienced side effects of indulgence that I used to have (bloat, retention, further cravings) so I am motivated in a way I haven’t been before to keep doing what is so clearly working. I don’t feel defeated or that I’ve messed up so I might as well give up. I feel in control of myself, my health and empowered in ways I wasn’t anticipating going in to this program. It’s not even about losing the weight for me at this point, it’s about how strong I feel in all areas of my life and how excited I am to see where I can go when I believe consistently in myself.