Our Box


Our facility is not like the “typical gym.” There are no machines or mirrors. You are the machine and we teach you safe, proper form. We (your trainers) are your mirrors!

You won’t find treadmills or weight machines.  We are all about functional movements. We will teach you Olympic weightlifting techniques, gymnastics, bodyweight drills, and cardiovascular.  We use barbells, bumper plates, gymnastic rings, ropes, pull up bars, kettle bells, medicine balls, rowers, plyometric boxes and jump ropes, to name a few. You will learn to love chalk and athletic tape!

You’ll learn movements such as the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Deadlift, Squat, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing, Rope Climb, Box Jumps and many, many more.  All of these exercises are performed at a high intensity, relative to you, and are constantly varied.  This means no boring gym routines ever again! Don’t be afraid if these names seem like a foreign language to you, soon you will be fluent in it!!

Have a question? Contact us to schedule an appointment to come check out the place, meet a trainer and see what we do! We are very passionate about CrossFit and are very excited to spread the word and teach you how to change your life.  We know that this is different from any type of training offered in the Bangor area and we are excited to bring CrossFit Bangor to the Community.

We are primarily focused on filling our gym (aka Box) with encouraging, supportive, like-minded individuals who want to make the best use of their available training time and improve their fitness using the CrossFit method.  A community of people who are willing to train hard but want to have a great time doing so.

Do not be intimidated! Everything we do at CrossFit Bangor is scalable, meaning we can modify every movement, every workout, in order make sure that everyone is performing at their own peak.  Everyone includes people that are unconditioned, have injuries, or limited fitness experience. All will benefit from the CrossFit program. We have heard of many people that think they need to get into shape before trying CrossFit, which is not the case. We will help you safely get into the best shape of your life!  Our facility is a safe place for all people to train, learn, and be part of a team environment with like-minded individuals who want to get the most from their workout.

Come give it a try!