I Need Your Help!

Ok CFBer’s…heres the deal, I need your help!
In order to bring on new people and try to help out with the congestion at 4:30 and 5:30pm classes we are TEMPORARILY adding 2 classes.

Mon-Thur 6:30pm
Mon,Wed, and Friday 6:30am and 3:30pm
(6:30am is still barely surviving after members begging for it to come back)

We are also transitioning to a new program that allows us to sign up for classes and once this launches we will then ask you guys to “sign up” for these time slots so we can see the demand for them but in the mean time we really need EVERYONE to sign up on MINDBODY and make an account so we can begin the process sooner then later.

Here is the link! (There will also be a link in the top menu under “About Us”)


I can’t stress to you how helpful this will be for class coordination however, at this time class sign up WILL NOT be mandatory for the Mon-Fri class times.

Also, we are now excepting debit cards and have a auto-renew system for monthly memberships. :)

— Mel

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