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Barbell for Boobs! Saturday 10.22!

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Barbells for Boobs going down at CF Bangor on the 22nd! The fundraising page is up and every donation helps! Give early and often! Tell your friends, tell your family, share the page, set a goal for yourself! Our own Michele Pfaff Pampinella has been kicking cancer in the dick this year and now it’s our turn to show our support for her and others in a similar situation. Money goes to screenings, treatment, etc.

Once you’re on the landing page you can simply make a donation by clicking “DONATE” on the left side of the page OR you can create a fundraising team of your own by clicking “JOIN TEAM”.  Any amount helps in combating and kicking cancer in the _________ (enter body part here)….

Donations of cash/check will also be accepted the day of the event.  $20 donation is suggest and any amount is greatly appreciated.


  • Box opens at 9am
  • FIRST heat at 10am
  • heats spaced 15 min apart
  • the heats are in TRIIB so reserve your heat just as you would a weekly class, please.
  • the WOD is GRACE
  • the final heat will be for kids and non-crossfitters – 30 burpees to a target – please feel free to join in!!!
  • WEAR PINK!!!
  • Potluck planned following the last heat so please bring a dish to share!!!