Clean Sweep


Skill: Clean Complex: 2 Hang Clean (above the knee) + 2 Low Hang (below the knee) + 1 Clean (squat clean)

Clean = Squat Clean, unless you are mobility stricken.
Do not put the barbell down between movements.

Clean Sweep
12min AMRAP
8 Power Cleans 95/135 Rx+115/165
6 Front Squats
3 Jerks

GOAL = 7+ rounds

If you start off with “singles” of power cleans or squats, you are wrong!
One barbell.

Any jerk is authorized.

L2 85/125
L1 65/95

Recovery: 2min of Run/Bike/Row/Walk
Rack stretch with band 1min/arm, Brazier (couch) stretch 2min/side, MASH work movement of troubled areas. Test/Retest.


Closed September 13th
CLOSED on September 13th due to supporting the athletes attending, Maine’s Fittest.
New Tank Tops Are In!!
Come and get em!
No Open Gym Sat.
Hey guys! Sorry for the late post but there will be no open gym on Sat. July 19, 2014. Almost
Keenan and Hollie BBQ
Hey everyone!! There will be a cookout next Friday night to send Keenan and Hollie off in style. 6pm-ish BBQ
10:30 AM
Don’t forget! Sign up for the 10:30am class Mon-Wed-Fri before the 0830 class! You can sign up for class up



Crossfit is a state of mind…
Lisa Baker-Dorr, Member - CFB
Very supportive crew at CrossFit Bangor. I will definitely be visiting again :-)
Ali AndHorace, Visitor - CFB


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