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We don’t look IN the mirror. We look out for each other.


What They Say About Us

  • 5 star review  Great place to workout and make friends! The coaches will set you up for success and push you to new heights!

    thumb James Psalidas

    5 star review  Great facility, welcoming and helpful, super friendly crew, excellent coach, will definitely drop in again!!

    thumb Matt Cote

    5 star review  Amazing people to work with. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring

    thumb Stacie Bailey
  • 5 star review  I have always hating working out and even when I did work I wished someone was there next to me. This gym not only allows me to work out with people but I enjoy working out! The best thing is the people! They cheer you on and are the best support anyone could ask for! I was nervous about starting because I am not in shape at all but they have helped me modify until I get stronger! I can't rave enough about hope much I love it here!

    thumb Sarah Verville

    5 star review  It's a great competitive environment to gain strength, power, endurance and speed!

    thumb Brandon Benson

    5 star review  I have to admit that my attendance in the gym is spotty at best. From job to job and everything else that happens inbetween it is easy to get lost except for at Crossfit Bangor. I've never been to an athletic facility where the trainers reach out and ask how you're doing and how they can help makes things better for you becasuse they care, like they do here. One of the attributes about Crossfit that I love the most is the community it brings together. More specifically Crossfit Bangor does a wonderful job at building a community inside and outside of their box. I often say that each trainer is my favorite and the truth is, they all are. From Tony who is willing to help write customized training plans to help you reach your personal goals to Zach who sings and dances while coaching to make it fun. To Emily who is kind and is always happy to see you even if she just spoke with you minutes prior. To Mel who gives great feedback and will help you improve your form every.single.time. To Cherie who is hilarious and really goes out of her way to show she cares. To Emmaline with the really cute dog and badass skills. To James who can ROW like a machine and help you do the same. To Karen and Kevin who are amazing too. I know I must be forgetting someone but I hope that you see that all of the coaches add value all in one package. Whatever you're looking for you can't go wrong if you choose Crossfit Bangor.

    thumb Aleigh Wood
  • 5 star review  Beautiful facility, amazing staff, and the competitions are a blast!

    thumb Erin McIntyre

    5 star review  Awesome experience, great people and great atmosphere. I haven’t done CrossFit in about 4 years so I was apprehensive but the coach/owner and the other members made me feel really comfortable. I will definitely recommend to my buddies when in the Bangor area.

    thumb Eduardo Foster Jr.

    5 star review  It's the people that make CrossFit Bangor an amazing part of my life. The Owner, Mel and her husband Carl, care about each one of us like family; the superior trainers like Tony, that make our workouts challenging and fun, the other athletes I meet and sweat with each time I attend. CrossFit has made me strong, fit and happy. This place is a drug I don't want to quit. Oh, and by the way, I'm 57 years old and kicking it with 20, 30 and 40 year olds. You want to be an athlete and be at your best at any age and make some wonderful new friends ? Join me at the Box. CrossFit rules!

    thumb Bonnie Keith Pearson


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Full Time College Students


Fulltime college student



Unlimited Membership for employees of Eastern Maine Medical Center, Fire Fighters, Police Personnel, and Military, 6 month commitment